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What we do

OpsManager is an offline-­capable HTML5 web application that intends to become the one­-stop portal for all key operations data for equipment rental and service companies. While the initial focus is the US$670 billion global oilfield services market, this application can also be easily adapted to companies with similar business models in e.g. the mining and other resources sectors.

Bringing Clarity to Operations Data

Managing oilfield service field operations involves manipulating countless data sets and lists that are currently mostly handled via a plethora of spreadsheets, making version control and data mining a very time consuming process.  OpsManager simplifies all that via an easy-to-use interface for recording, storing and reporting all key operations data for all personnel levels, from field operator to CEO.

BottomUp Approach

ERP systems claim to cover the entire business process while in effect they are top-down systems that do not come anywhere near to covering the complexities of managing oilfield service operations.  OpsManager starts with the premise “operations come first”, it is a web portal that provides a clear and easy­ to­ use interface to capture all key operations data “directly from the coalface”, i.e. the people in the field who generate the revenues.

Simplify QHSE Audits

OpsManager is designed from the ground up to comply with international industry standards that govern the management of quality, health, safety and the environment. This simplifies future audits from clients and certifying agents.  The standards covered include:

  • Quality management: ISO 9001, API Q2
  • Safety management: OHSAS 18001
  • Environmental management: ISO 14001

OpsManager Modules

Inventory Management

Manage serialized and non­serialized inventory from a customizable catalog of items that can also link spare parts to equipment components. Items can be stored in containers for easy identification and logistics.

Daily Field Reports

Field users record their daily activities, operating parameters, personnel lists, equipment run data and charges to the client. This data is then used for creating payroll, client invoices.

Material Requests & Purchasing

OpsManager can notify field users of low stock levels so that they can create material requests to their default yard for replenishment.

Material requests from the field can be collated an sent to vendors via an easy to use web interface. Quotes can be compared, routed for internal approval and then sent as purchase orders.

Track Equipment Maintenance

Create maintenance schedules for each equipment type, then compare this to the actual scheduled maintenance performed.  Also track preventive and corrective maintenance, track spare parts usage, etc.


Items can be shipped individually or as (container) loads between locations, and all the shipping and customs paperwork is automatically generated.

Equipment & Personnel Scheduling

Field users record their daily activities, operating parameters, personnel lists, equipment run data and charges to the client. This data is then used for creating payroll, client invoices.


This used to record employee data such as contact info, employment history, payroll, passports and visas, training data and so forth.


Track equipment calibrations and certifications, non conformances, continuous improvements, supplier assessments, standard operating procedures (SOP’s), operations checklists, inspection records, risk assessments, personnel competence data, and so forth. All in line with industry standards.


Store records of HSE meetings, stop cards, incident reports and closeout, HSE statistics, etc.


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